Every one is different.   

What’s your reason to use a personal trainer?


Some people lack discipline and need a trainer to keep them focused or to help them be accountable and turn up for a session; others just need guidance to ensure their programme is going to get the results they desire. 

For some members it may just be a case of knowing what muscles an exercise works and how to do it properly in order to minimise injury and promote results. 


Whatever the reason Brackenridge is pleased to recommend the following personal trainers who train members at our gym.


Your contract is with your trainer direct, so we’re not in the middle and that means your rates are kept affordable.   

We like the sound of that.


Is personal training your passion?

All personal trainers affiliated with Brackenridge Country Retreat & Spa have undergone a credentials check and are qualified to assist you on your fitness journey.

Personal Trainers who would like to offer Brackenridge Gym members services should apply for ‘Authorised Personal Trainer Status’ using the appropriate application form and reviewing the Guidelines.