Christmas Shop

What would you like for Christmas?

Let us help you get the gift you most desire from loved ones.  No one really likes undies or socks.   A massage, skincare range, gym membership or pampering session sounds like so much more fun.

Simply complete our Gift Wish List with a few different priced options and provide us with the name, their relationship to you, their email address and we’ll do the rest.

We’ll check in with the big guy in the red suit, and if you’ve been nice and not naughty this year, your loved one or family member will receive a personal email from our elves in the gifting shed, letting them know what was on your wish list.

They’ll be able to choose what they’d like to get you from the selection and the elves will go about preparing a gift voucher or  gift-wrapped item so that you will have a great big smile on your face this Christmas!

We will accept payments online and gifts will be ready for collection prior to the 20th December from the Spa.

Too easy.   Now give us your best Santa impression….. ‘ Ho Ho Ho”