Brackenridge Country Retreat & Spa in Martinborough, South Wairarapa has pledged support for the Tiaki Promise, which is, in short a set of guiding principles for visitors to follow, outlining how they can positively contribute to preserving and protecting New Zealand.

The result of a collaboration between seven private and public sector organisations, namely: Tourism New Zealand, Air New Zealand, the Department of Conservation, Tourism Industry Aotearoa, Local Government New Zealand, New Zealand Maori Tourism and Tourism Holdings Ltd, Tiaki simply means ‘to care for people and place’.

“I think it is fair to say that visitors sometimes don’t recognize immediately what is important to us in New Zealand.  The Tiaki Promise makes it super simple for tourists, to help them travel safely, but also to conscientiously respect our land, our values, our people and way of life.”  said Sharon Garrett, Acting General Manager, Brackenridge Country Retreat & Spa.

Our home here in New Zealand is a truly special place and at Brackenridge we share the belief that not only the residents of New Zealand but also visitors and travellers exploring our country have a responsibility to care for it.” she said

Talking about how she learned about Tiaki, Sharon credits a Tourism New Zealand led roadshow she attended last week in Wellington.

“I was ignorant when it came to Tiaki.  It wasn’t until the Chief Executive, Stephen England-Hall of Tourism New Zealand addressed the room, that I engaged and became enlightened and knew that Brackenridge could certainly introduce The Promise to our guests.  It’s such a simple, yet rich initiative to preserve and protect New Zealand.”

“At Brackenridge, we hope this small step to actively communicate and talk about Tiaki with travellers exploring the South Wairarapa will encourage others to make the promise and share the word.”

The Tiaki Promise offers us guidance of how to care for New Zealand with a focus on five key areas:  protecting nature, keeping NZ clean, driving carefully, being prepared and showing respect.

The Tiaki Promise:

While travelling in New Zealand I will

Care for land, sea and nature, treading lightly and leaving no trace

Travel safely, showing care and consideration for all

Respect culture, travelling with an open heart and mind


Tiaki is now included on the Brackenridge Country Retreat & Spa Sustainability Policy.

For more information about Tiaki visit  |  #tiakipromise

24 June 2019