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Leadership for Change - Susan Andrewes Consulting Ltd



In New Zealand and globally, we assume that change has to be slow, difficult and costly. But what if change can be simple, quick, effective and easily replicable in any field?

If you are a leader who is working to improve the culture or performance of your organisation or to transform your community or field, and you would like to understand what has been in the the way of real, lasting change until now, we invite you to discover a ground-breaking new understanding of the mind that will profoundly shift the way you approach your work, the results you can achieve, and your impact on others.

Globally, this understanding is preventing and permanently solving major problems such as:

* Workplace stress and burnout
* Toxic corporate culture, disengagement, conflict and inefficiency
* Domestic abuse and violence against children
* Addiction and crime
* PTSD and mental trauma

By understanding how the mind actually works, you will see how to easily create resilient, healthy organisations and communities that thrive, regardless of any circumstances or challenges.


Unlike other events, this retreat is not about the sharing of new research, ideas or information. It is not about developing your personal strengths, skills or values, or about learning new strategies for change. We will not be teaching you how to cope with or manage the difficulties of your role through mindfulness or relaxation techniques.

Instead, you will learn the fundamental dynamics that underpin ALL human experience and behaviour. Understanding these basic principles will turn your understanding of change on its head, lay an entirely different set of foundations for understanding your work and enable you to address and find solutions to your challenges with clarity and impact.


As a leader, you will see how to:

* Improve your capabilities across the board, but especially in areas you currently find challenging
* Experience less stress and more clarity and peace of mind
* Remain resilient and confident under pressure
* Feel more motivated and engaged in your work
* Better deal with difficult people and situations

Crucially, by taking this leading-edge thinking back into your organisation and personal life, you will be in a position to help others do the same and make a tangible and powerful difference in people's lives.


This is the first event of its kind in New Zealand and a unique opportunity for leaders of corporates, NGOs, government and volunteer orgnaisations. We invite you to completely re-think what you know, and be part of an exciting and profoundly hopeful new conversation on how to create real, lasting change.


Leadership for Change will be held at Brackenridge Country Estate in Martinborough, an hour’s drive from Wellington. 


$4,500 plus GST. The cost includes training, two nights' accommodation and catering, and transport to and from the Wellington CBD (upon request). If an organisation sends four or more people on the programme, the cost reduces to $3,900 per participant. Please speak to us before booking this option to make sure the programme is a good fit. Payments made via Eventbrite will incur an additional fee; to avoid this fee and make your payment by bank transfer, please contact us.
Spaces are limited to 20.

Contact: Susan Andrewes - susan@susanandrewes.com  



Gavin Morison Leadership Courses - no horse riding involved in this

Gavin featured Country Calendar on Sunday 23  April 2016

Book a Leadership Course with Gavin Morison as part of your conference or spend some time with Gavin and book the team to stay and reflect at Brackenridge.   www.gavinmorison.co.nz

Providing a safe environment to learn in, Gavin uses mostly his horses to teach Government and corporate groups leadership skills through horsemanship.  Using "true horsemanship through feel" Morison teaches the path of least resistance with the aim of reaching our human potential.

For many this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to explore the unique relationship between horse and man, often effecting profound growth for those whom he teaches.

'Clear communication is paramount'

For people responsible for other people in the work place.

These Leadership Courses are ideal for staff groups from Corporates to Government Agencies wanting to experience personal growth, initiating and building trust and learning leadership qualities - which work.  There is no horse riding involved in this.

1 Day Leadership Course
9.30 - 4.30pm 5 - 12 (max 12) people  $600 per person 
Learning one on one and in a small group situation to understand, react correctly, and manage personal responses to requests. Previous experience of horses is not necessary to benefit from these life lessons in controlling your personal thoughts and actions.

Morning tea, afternoon tea and lunch is provided.

2 Day Leadership Course
9.30 - 4.30pm Max 8 people $1000 per person
More is gained from the experience when we are given the opportunity to talk together about what we are learning and to shape our approach to the following day. We all need time to consider what is being put to us about ourselves and to initiate change in our responses. This is where the gold is.

Morning tea, afternoon tea and lunch is provided.

Half Day Leadership Course
Duration approx 3 hours. Max 8 people $300 plus  GST for up to 8 participants
These short `hands on` courses are mini leadership courses using an initiation into the world of horsemanship to explore leadership principles. 

Leadership Demonstration 
Duration approx 1.5 hours - Minimum 15 people - $1500 - $3000
An opportunity to provide a short session for large groups of up to 30 people, taking them through the principles and philosophy of ancient horsemanship and how this relates to leadership.

Picnic style morning or afternoon tea can be provided to take with you from $10 plus GST per head.

Testimonial November 2015

“Having the chance to be taught by Gavin was a once in a lifetime opportunity. We really valued the lessons learnt from dealing with his horses and how in turn this reflects back to our work-place situations. We would highly recommend this activity for all groups who want to learn more confidence, trust and leadership skills and Gavin was a great mentor. You can see he has a real understanding of these majestic animals.”


TEA (Think Eat Act) - Leadership Courses

Tea Retreats is a holistic health and wellbeing business providing an extensive range of services to improve your wellbeing. Owned and operated by Sarah Percy (registered dietician) and Sarah Donaldson (clinical psychologist), we can provide education, training and support for you and your staff in nutrition, sleep, stress, building personal resilience, exercise motivation and lifestyle planning. We offer a range of tailored packages to best meet your needs including:

Full day Corporate

Enhance your staff’s personal resilience, work performance and work productivity with our unique wellness training programmes.  An inspiring day out for your team combining:

·         Interactive and insightful health workshops (your choice of 3 sessions including building personal resilience, identifying and managing stress, nutrition in the workplace, strategies for enhanced sleep, lifestyle planning and healthy thinking using cognitive therapy tools)

·         an invigorating exercise class (yoga, local walk or boot camp)

·         wholefoods cooking demonstration

·         practical deep breathing activity for stress reduction

·         team creative thinking sessions facilitated by our psychologist

·         all meals and snack menus designed by our in-house nutritionist

The day also includes a written report to management at the conclusion of the training, with recommendations on enhancing health and wellbeing in the workplace. Priced from $295pp*

 Resilience Optimiser - Optimise your team resilience by including our pre-session questionnaire to all staff members attending the day, individual health report to each staff member with recommendations and tips, weekly emails for one month after the workshop to keep the health momentum going and post-session questionnaire outlining changes in wellbeing to staff overall. $100pp (add on to above)

 Half day Corporate – a half day Team Retreats taster combining a health workshop of your choice, exercise class or team creative thinking session, wholefoods cooking demonstration and nourishing morning tea. Priced from $195pp*

90 minute Corporate – combining a health workshop of your choice with a wellbeing practical activity to activate your staff to better health. $550 for the session (venue hire not included) *

 *Venue hire and accommodation  not included in the above prices.

*all above prices are plus GST


Continuum Consulting Group’s
inaugural Women’s Leadership Programme

“What got you here, won’t get you there”
Equipping women leaders with the tools to expand their capability to lead.


Join us for Continuum Consulting Group’s inaugural Women’s Leadership Programme – a bespoke programme helping professional women understand more about their brain, physical health, and leadership behaviour, and how to apply those to be more e ective leaders.

The workplace has become complex and faster-paced, and modern leaders must be superb in uencers, highly e ective and adaptive. Our nine-month programme gives women leaders the tools to successfully navigate this environment, and make conscious change to work smarter, not harder.

Drawing on the latest science of neuro-leadership and the impact of physical health and mind-set on our behaviour, the programme is tailored to each participant with individ- ual assessments and one-on-one coaching. A core aspect of the programme is combining Body, Brain and Behaviour to enhance your quality of leadership on all levels. Each participant will leave with a better understanding of how they in uence and makedecisions, and practical actions to apply in their day-to-day work.

Programme participants will be mid-senior level leaders eager to explore the next phase of their leadership – whether it’s career progression, a new direction, or a renewed focus.



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